kernal installation

Gregory Davis gdavis7 at
Tue Oct 23 09:43:38 PDT 2001

sachin lamsoge wrote:

> Local APIC ID ffffffff
> Local APIC version ffffffff
> Cobalt Revision ffffffff
> ...................
> .................
> ............
> Detected 634792khz processor
> Starting Cobalt Timer system clock
> Cobalt APIC Entry 28 IDT Vector 0
> Console:colour VGA+ 80x25
> Calirating delay loop...

What the heck is that stuff??  Is this information displayed by your BIOS, 
or by LILO, or by the kernel?  In other words, just how far into the boot 
are you getting?  Did you forget to run /sbin/lilo or /usr/sbin/lilo at the 
prompt?  If you did, don't feel bad I do that all the time.  Its also handy 
to have a bootdisk of the previous kernel on hand in case you messed up 
LILO in some way.


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