which files/scripts are executed while su to root !!

Wolfgang Kerler wolfgang.kerler at epost.de
Tue Oct 23 00:14:18 PDT 2001

Luqman Munawar wrote:
> Friends,
> In LFS book it is recommended to set a variable $LFS in order to make life easier while accessing LFS directory. It is said to add it to one of the following files root/.bash_profile and/or /root so that variable is set every time when I switch to root.
> But I did not find any of the following files on my Suse 7.1. Can anybody tell me what other scrips are executed when I switch to root.
> Thank you for bearing my newbie question,
> Luqman

You have several possibilities to set the $LFS variable:
If you don't have the file /root/.bashrc you can create it by typing 
# touch ~/.bashrc
After this you have to add the line
export LFS=/path/to/lfs
to this file.
Instead of creating the .bashrc you can also add the export command to the
file ~/.bash_profile
I don't know the difference exactly, but it should work, too.
On suse systems you can export variables by putting them as above in
/etc/profile.local . In this case the variables are known to all users on the
Just try it!

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