Unable to mount rot fs on 16:41

Dirk Heinrichs heinrichs at qis-systemhaus.de
Mon Oct 22 23:52:49 PDT 2001

Christian Lang wrote:

>Hello all!
>I've got a problem in creating a LFS-System.
>I'm using SuSE 7.1
>I've three harddisks (2 SCSI, 1 EIDE):
> /dev/sda1 (Windows)
> /dev/sda5 (SuSE reiserfs)
> /dev/sda6 (swap)
> /dev/sdb1 (Data)
> /dev/hdd1 (LFS)
>My Bios Boot Sequence is: SCSI, A, C
>My Problem:
>All what I've made with LFS was no problem until I
>try to start the LFS-System I get the Error:
>VFS: Cannot open root device "1641" or 16:41
>Please append a correct "root=" boot option
>Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount rot fs on 16:41
Is hdd1 == 16:41? Here it is 22:65.

ls -l /dev/hdd1
brw-rw----    1 root     disk      22,  65 Mai  5  1998 /dev/hdd1

>When I copy the original SuSE-Kernel into lfs
>I can boot, but have no swap with this Error:
>swapon /dev/sda6: No such device
>mount: the kernel does not recognize /dev/sda5 as a block device
>                  (maybe 'insmod driver'?)
Is /dev/sda6 there?

>---------------schnipp-(LFS fstab) -------------
>/dev/hdd1   /          reiserfs   defaults              1   1
Is reiserfs compiled into your lfs kernel (NOT as a module)? Maybe you 
should check that first, the "Unable to mount..." error can also be 
caused by this.



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