Trouble with Berkeley db-3.17

Sanjuro Europe sanjuro_e at
Sun Oct 21 07:59:52 PDT 2001

Guillaume AUBRY wrote:

> Hi,
> I have tried to compile gnome-libs (1.0) and also rpm (3.0) without success.
> The "configure" say that he needs db w
> ith 1.85 compatiblities. Nevertheless, I asked db to compile whit it, like
> this :
> ./configure --enable-compat185
> What it going wrong ?
> Any idea ?
> Thanks

You could try installing DB as suggested in the RPM hint at:

And if that still doesn't work, try editing the gnome-libs configure 
script. Search for "Checking for db" or something and somewhere include 
"-L<path to db libs>". I don't remember what to do exactly, but the idea 
is to specify the exact path or the db libraries (and may be includes) 
so Gnome can find them.


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