error in compiling grep 2.4.2

luca de filippis merloplano at
Sun Oct 21 09:12:06 PDT 2001

i've downloaded all the lfs 3 packages.
i'm using the /lfs partition and the 
lfs 3 commands package, after a chmod +x
namefile (this case grep-2.4.2).

well, this is the output (used the 1st
version, for glibc 2.1):

make[3]: Entering directory `/lfs/usr/src/grep-2.4.2/src'
gcc  -g -O2 -static -o grep  grep.o dfa.o kwset.o obstack.o savedir.o 
getopt.o getopt1.o search.o grepmat.o regex.o  /usr/lib/libc.a(regex.o): 
In function `init_syntax_once': /rpm/BUILD/glibc-2.1.3/posix/regex.c:257: 
multiple definition of `re_max_failures' regex.o:/lfs/usr/src/grep-2.4.
2/src/regex.c:256: first defined here collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[3]: *** [grep] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory `/lfs/usr/src/grep-2.4.2/src'
make[2]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/lfs/usr/src/grep-2.4.2/src'
make[1]: *** [all-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/lfs/usr/src/grep-2.4.2'
make: *** [all-recursive-am] Error 2

any idea?


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