Delete the locales, installed by glibc

Erika Pacholleck pchllck at
Sat Oct 20 04:27:45 PDT 2001

[19.10.01 23:14 -0700] Jeriko One <-- :
> I just want to know if it is possible to delete those locale-thingys,
> installed by glibc?
> (I didn't understand the localedef-command while installing lfs, so I've
> installed all of them. But now some programs won't compile because of the
> zh* locales...)

1. please do not start a new thread as a reply to some other subject ;)

2. Do you mean the make localedata/install-locales?
-. Or do you mean the localedef command instructions in the INSTALL file?

3. Which programs won't compile because of the zh* locales?
-. Are these program from the book?
-. Are these additional programs you choose for yourself?

4. At which stage are you now?
-. Are you building your lfs at the moment?
-. Is your lfs already built and running?
-. Did you define any locale environment variables?

5. What error messages do you get?

Sorry for "answering" your question with a lot of other questions but
normally this should not happen (unless it is a very unusual program)
and there must be something wrong.
There are locale matters which can be safely deleted if you are sure
you will never need them, but I do not want to tell you a simple yes
because I am not sure this is really the reason for you problem. You
might of course 1.) do a backup for all things you want to delete and
2.) just delete and see whether it works. If not restore from your
backup (just in case you need a quick try-and-error solution).

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