Problems after Installation

Dirk Heinrichs heinrichs at
Fri Oct 19 05:47:00 PDT 2001

Erwin Dogs wrote:

>After the Installation I tried to mount my CDrom and got the error
>message: No driver present.
>I am usin a LFS 3.0 System kernel 2.4.10 and a SuSE 7.0 System. While
>using SuSE I never had such problems.
>to my kernel-configuration:
>Build in IDE Support + ATAPI CDROM-Support ISO9660 and MS-Joilet
Is this compiled as modules?

>How can I make my CD-Rom accessable ?
If yes, try lsmod to see which modules are loaded, and eventually load 
the needed modules with insmod (hmm, shouldn't this be handled 



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