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> Hello everybody!  =)
> First of all, forgive me if my message sounds very newbie to you.  I'm
really a newbie to Linux and I hope you will

Linux newbie of about a year here, myself.

> I have my first installed Linux Mandrake 8.1 dual booted with M$ Win98
since last 3 weeks ago.  And I'm just wondering if it would be possible for
me to develop my own distro based on what packages I only need.  Actually, I
still don't know yet in any programming languages especially that are in
Linux.  My friend told me that it's better if I know Perl programming first
before I pursue my plan.  Again, is it possible to develop my own distro
eventhough I don't know anything about programming?

LFS is lots of fun. Try it. You will learn how some of this works. I don't
have any problem adding a tarball anymore. If you get error codes,
troubleshoot them as best as you can.

> All I want is to have my own distro that will run on my i686 Intel Pentium
III 800 Mhz with 512MB SDRAM and 20GB Seagate Barraccuda 7200 RPM IDE HDD.
And I want it to copy in a CD-ROM and make it bootable just like M$ Win98
and my Linux Mandrake 8.1.  Also, during the installation I want it to
automatically set a different partitions.  I want it to be a very newbie
friendly distro with a very minimal packages that will only suit to a simple
desktop Linux operating system.

You are not asking your question correctly.
The question is "MAY I create my own distro?"
The answer for Windows users is NO.
The answer for Linux users is YES. (Generally, check the software license.)
The answer to "CAN I create my own distro?" will not be answered until you
make it available for download or have it doing all you want on your system.

> By the way, I'm still in my 3rd year high school and I'm having fun with
the Open Source Softwares.


> I hope you will have enough patience in answering my inquiries.  Your
advice will be a great help for me.

Have fun.

DOS 6.22; Win 98; Win XP
Mandrake; SuSE; Slack; Progeny; Caldera
Yes, on one PC. I'm crazy.

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