Markus Bengts mabengts at
Thu Oct 18 02:59:22 PDT 2001


ls shows '?' instead of native characters in filenames.

I want to be able to use Finnish characters in filenames. This problem is 
not kernel-related because it appears also when I boot the pre-compiled 
redhat kernel and chroot to the lfs-partition. 

Here are commands and output run in redhat:

# touch åäö
# ls
# rm åäö

Now when I chroot to the lfs-partition:

# touch åäö
# ls

Now the file åäö does exist. It only looks like ??? in the ls output. So 
there is no problem now with:

# rm åäö

The Finnish-HOWTO says that many programs have to be compiled 8-bit-clean. 
I greped for the string 8-bit-clean in the fileutils source but did not 
figure out how to enable ls to show å, ä and ö.

I had no problem with enabling å, ä and ö in bash.

Can someone help? 

    Markus Bengts

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