Initial install of Linux headers.

Jason M'Sadoques jsado at
Wed Oct 17 15:23:04 PDT 2001

Sorry to be such a bother but I seem to have another problem. Running this command for installing the Linux headers in
chapter 5:

make mrproper &&
yes "" | make config &&
make dep &&
cd $LFS/usr/include &&
cp -a ../src/linux/include/linux . &&
chown -R root.root $LFS/usr/include/linux &&
mkdir asm &&
cp -a ../src/linux/include/asm/* asm &&
chown -R root.root $LFS/usr/include/asm

Hangs indefinately at this point (unless I'm just not waiting long enough (been over a half an hour)):

Magic SysRq key (CONFIG_MAGIC_SYSRQ) [N/y/?] 
*** End of Linux kernel configuration.
*** Check the top-level Makefile for additional configuration.
*** Next, you must run 'make dep'.

I am guessing the reason is because there is nothing to stop the "yes" program from running, and if it doesn't stop then
the computer just keeps waiting for it before going on to the make dep command. The only problem with this guess is that I
have to believe that at least a few people have already tried (and succeeded) to build an LFS system, and I would think that
this problem would have already been encountered by people prior to my finding it.

So the question is, what's going on?

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