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Erika Pacholleck pchllck at
Wed Oct 17 03:54:26 PDT 2001

[17.10.01 08:40 +0200] Dirk Heinrichs <-- :
> what would be the best way to install LFS on a fresh system (really from 
> scratch)?. What is the minimal software needed on the system before I 
> can start with the book?

I did it this way (requires you know how to use the console progs):
1. looked which packages lfs installs in the dynamic (2nd) part
2. choose the minimal option when installing my distro
-. dependencies must be solved (minimal is a lot for some distros)
3. added all packages not installed by minimal but mentioned in lfs
4. added all -devel packages for the packages mentioned in lfs
-. these are libs and headers, often kept in extra distro packages
5. added lynx for html-book reading, alternate is txt-book and vim
Works if you do not need to go online for help.

If you want the possibility for online help, you will need additionally
- dialout stuff (ppp, diald or whatever you use)
- mail transports (fetchmail; sendmail, postfix, qmail, exim or similar)
- mail client (mutt, pine or so)
- maybe irc client (BitchX, ircii or alike)
This should be all, others please correct if I forgot something.

Hope this helps.
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