Can't locate module char-major-10-135

Simon Williams lfs at
Mon Oct 15 12:19:09 PDT 2001

Hi all,

I've just finished building LFS-3.0 & get this error on startup (I've
included a few lines either side so you can see where it occurs):

Remounting root file system in read-write mode...
[ OK ]
Mounting other file systems...reiserfs: checking transaction log (device
Using r5 hash to sort names
ResierFS version 3.6.25
OK ]
Setting clock...modprobe: modprobe: Can't locate module
OK ]
Loading keymap...
[ OK ]
INIT: Entering runlevel: 3

Here's the partitions from my fstab (apart from swap & proc):

/dev/hda6                       /               reiserfs        defaults
0 0
/dev/hda9                       /home           reiserfs        defaults
0 0

I tried grepping for modprobe or major in /etc/*, /etc/rc?.d/* &
/etc/init.d/*, which didn't return anything.

I've uploaded my kernel config to
<> in case there's
anything relevant in it (I couldn't find any references to 10 or 135 in

The only places I deviated from the the book were installing
reiserfs-utils-3.6.25 after e2fsprogs-1.24, cd'ing to the 'src'
directory when installing tar to install the bzip2 patch & also the

I've also tried running 'hwclock --hctosys --localtime', which appears
to be the last command executed in /etc/init.d/setclock, and it didn't
give an error of any kind.

The LFS system works fine after this, and I haven't seen any ill effects
as a result of char-major-10-135 not being loaded (I assume it's a
character map of some sort).

Any ideas where this is happening?

Simon <simon at> PGP: 0x099977D0
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