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Cameron Hooper wrote:
> On Friday 28 September 2001 01:14 am, you wrote:
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> Thanks to those who replied to my question and sorry for the long delay in
> acknowledging their help.
> The problem has resolved itself. There was nothing wrong with the unpacking.
> After many fruitless hours I decided to try again after logging in as root,
> rather than just using 'su'. As soon as I did that the problem went away and
> I now have a brand new LFS Linux installation on my machine.

When you use `su', do you use the `-' option? (Like `su -'.) The dash
starts a login shell, as if you logged in from the console. Without
it the environment and a few other things aren't changed which will
cause problems.

For example:

sklein /home/sklein $ su 
root /home/sklein # echo $USER
root /home/sklein # exit
sklein /home/sklein $ su - 
root ~ # echo $USER
root ~ # 

> I should point out that I use gnome when logged in as root as opposed to kde
> when logged in as a normal user. I suspect it was the switch in desktops that
> did the trick.

Frankly, not very likely.

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