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Adam Sutton adam at
Sun Oct 14 04:38:00 PDT 2001

"elko" <elko at> wrote in message news:01101413135603.26360 at ElkOS...
> I found a couple of mails from sept-2001 on the mailing-list
> archive and see that the installation for net-tools still does not
> include a better description for the config options:
> Unfortunately I could not find this item in bugzilla
> (user incompetence ;|), so I don't know if it's in there...
> I first did a `yes "" | make config' to accept all the defaults,
> but changed my mind when I see this in the output:
>   ...
>   Does your system support GNU gettext? (I18N) [n]
>   ..
>   IP Masquerading support (HAVE_FW_MASQUERADE) [n]
> We install gettext, so that's a wrong default I think
> (was also mentioned in the mailing-list archive).
> That masquerading option, could someone explain what impact this
> will have on a tool like ifconfig? Will I not be able to use
> MASQ in the kernel if I "just say No" here?

I believe that nettools includes the netstat app, which has the ability to
displayed the current Masqueraded connections, I assume that if you say no
to MASQ, this functionality will probably not be built in. Which may explain
why it wasn't working for me.


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