Link problem with shadow-4.0.0

Anthony Frazier afrazier at
Tue Oct 9 18:18:57 PDT 2001

In article <20011009121952.A9532 at>, 
jjones at says...

> It seems unusable out-of-the-box no matter what your setup is, at the
> moment.  Well, I take that back.  If you don't use --enable-shared
> things are decent.  There are still some minor annoyances with that,
> though, such as /bin/groups and libmisc.{a,la} being installed.

My experience thus far has been similar.  shadow-4.0.0 seems to compile and 
work fine if you leave out --enable-shared.

I was looking to try and find a fix for a few minutes, but it looks like 
libmisc needs the missing functions which are in libshadow.  libshadow looks 
like it relies on libmisc.  Oops.  :-)


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