rcS not even starting

Klaus Sausen sausen at laborox.com
Mon Oct 8 07:02:28 PDT 2001

Hey dudes,

thanx for the neat reply, it helped me to trap down even deeper into the 
but the error still remains,
i enabled all debugging in sysvinit 282 and even inserted messages in 
certain areas
inserting an echo line into the rc? scripts enabled me to see, that they 
are not startet
at all - inittab is exactly the one from book 3.0, as are the scripts 
and the symlinks.
there is indeed, sth i have to mention..
in a rage of minimalism i
stripped libraries, and forgot the --strip-debug option,
so i had to reinstall glibc 2.2.4 and gcc
also i packed all binaries via
cd /usr/bin && upx --best * && cd /bin && upx --best
is there a possibility that the problem might come from this ?
excuse me... :(

sysvinit in debuggee mode gives out the inittab lines, that i can see it 
parses correct, all lines are right, but there is one more,
which is not in the /etc/inittab : ~~:S:/bin/sh it is the last entry... 
sysvinit prints it, out of the inittab parse code.
it further starts the child threads, but mentions a few millisecs later 
that they are marked as zombie, after that they die.

despite of the crunch rage i followed the manual.
would you be so kind to give me your opinion

cheers klaus

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