bash-2.05: no job control in this shell

DrJekyll DrJekyll at
Sun Oct 7 13:03:37 PDT 2001

I am trying to install the packages of chapter 6, but I got a problem with 
the installation of bash-2.05. The compilation went fine, but the execution 
of /bin/bash --login did not.
These are the error messages I got, during compilation and the execution of 
the last line, 'exec /bin/bash --login':
terminal.c: In function 'get_term_capabilities':
terminal.c:329: warning: passing arg l of 'tgetstr' discards qualifiers from 
pointer target type
bash: no job control in this shell
I attached the config.log and the configure-output.
What went wrong and what to do now?

Thank you

PS: I am trying to install LFS-3.0, using LFS-3.0pre4 as base-system.

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