unable to login after reboot

Nils Magnus Eide Englund zeenox at online.no
Sun Oct 7 09:25:15 PDT 2001

> after reboot login prompt appears,
> "(none) login:"
> but trying root with the right pw gives a
> "Unable to change tty /dev/tty1: No such file or directory"
> but /dev/tty1 exists, as do the other
> a new login prompt appears

I had the same problem, and as Gerard suggested,
it was the mountfs script that didn't mount the root fs
properly (due to some... *ehem* boot script customization)
;) (btw, I forgot to thank you, so thanks, Gerard - you were
right... again)

GB> It may have something to do that the mountfs script didn't work properly
GB> and the root file system wasn't mounted in read-write mode.

GB> Check mountfs, see if you got the message "Remounting root file system
GB> read-write mode..."

Nils Magnus Eide Englund

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