can´t mount filesystems :(

Frank Mikkelsen frank.mikkelsen at
Sat Oct 6 11:37:25 PDT 2001

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

> On Sat, Oct 06, 2001 at 12:05:38PM +0000, Indra Kusuma wrote:
>> no swap partition on /etc/fstab ?
> if it isn't in /etc/fstab, swapon wouldn't know to look for /dev/hda1
> (swapon -a is run, which means 'scan /etc/fstab and find all swap
> partitions and enable them).
> Let's see if we can find the problem:
> reboot the system, at the lilo prompt type:
> 	lfskernel init=/bin/bash
> When you're in the shell, enter the /dev directory and check to see if you
> have the hda1, hda2 and such files (and make sure they're named named
> something like hda1- hda2-)

Hi again.

I've checked my $LFS/etc/fstab, a reference to a swap partition is in there. It has the same syntax as the one in the distro (Mandrake)
from which I built the LFS system.

I started my LFS as Gerard :
lfs init=/bin/bash

I found out that there were no device files that correspond to the file systems on my first IDE disk (or any disk for that matter).
That must be why neither swapon or fsck can find the file systems.

Ok, someone who knows how I can correct this? And maybe answer why this could have happened? I believe that I have followed the
LFS 3.0 book closely.
When I look in $LFS/dev while booted into Mandrake the device files are all there.

Thank you

Frank Mikkelsen

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