uname -r

Paul Abraham Paul.Abraham at consultjoa.com
Fri Oct 5 06:03:49 PDT 2001

I have just completed a compile of LFS 3.0, which seemed
to go OK.  However, when I booted into it (i.e. not through
chroot), I got a number of messages saying that modprobe
couldn't find /lib/modules/2.4.7/modules.dep.

Having followed the book, I am pretty sure that I used version
2.4.8 of the kernel, not 2.4.7.  However, uname -r suggests
that my version is 2.4.7.  I am convinced that I used 2.4.8
in chroot.

The code in uname.c uses a function uname(), so I am assuming
that my installation of glibc is broken.

I guess I have 4 options:
a)  Rebuild the whole of LFS from the start.
b)  Rebuild LFS from the start of the chroot environment.
c)  Rebuild glibc and hope that I don't need to compile too
    many other things.
d)  Find out the file that glibc uses to get the kernel version,
    change this to 2.4.8 and everything should then be OK.

I am assuming that d) can be done, because whenever I've updated
my kernel in the past, uname -r gives the correct answer as soon
as the machine is rebooted.

What should I do next?

Paul Abraham.
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