PgUp and PgDn not working

Frank Schafer frank.schafer at
Thu Oct 4 02:23:03 PDT 2001

Kusli wrote:

> Hi all
> After installing a lot of things (up to gnome) I've noticed that my PgUp and
> PgDown keys don't work from time to time (that is what makes me look very
> stupid ;-) but I can tell you: sometimes they work, sometimes they don't -
> depending on the machines feelings)
> This is really annoying because you can't scroll up in a terminal
> (Shift-PgUp) nor scroll down in an editor (of course you can scroll down,
> but not with PgDown) And because changing the keymapping of the kbd util
> doesn't do anything to those keys I'm just stuck...
> Thanks for any help
> Markus
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Hi Markus,

I know, that this feature is somewhere enabled, but I've fogotten where.
In Your case I'd say that's not the fault, because -- if it would be disabled
it would never work.

I've something very similar on an old 486 at home. If I use:
``cat > somefile'' for inctance, Ctrl-D sometimes writes simply "d" and
sometimes it ends the cat command, because the keyboard is even older
than the PC.

Is it possible, that Your PgUp/Down don't work like the machine feels, but
rather like the KEYBOARD feels??


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