Minimum Linux-installation for embedded project

Stephan Henningsen stephan at
Thu Oct 4 01:42:59 PDT 2001

Hi there,

I am doing a school project om webenabling a piece energy
Of course I am planning to use Linux for this =).  The
system hosting Linux, the webserver and my software for data
collection is an SBC based on an x86 with 16MB RAM and 16MB
flash-ROM.  Therefore I need a Linux-installation as small
as possible, preferably built from scratch.

However, I have some trouble compiling gcc and glibc; so far
my machine (host for building LFS) has crashed every single
time compiling these two packages.  This was with a
2.4.0-kernel, and I have now installed 2.4.10 and intend to
try again.

I read on the LFS homepage that someone had built an LFS
system with Apache at only 5 MB of size.  Can I download
this anywhere, so I don't have to build it myself, in case
my machine keeps failing these builds?

I am also in a bit of a doubt when it comes to installing
the LFS on my SBC.  It has Ethernet and floppy, so I guess I
need to create some basic boot-disk first, that lets me use
the netcard and download everything via, say, ftp?

Any help would be .. helpful =)

Stephan Henningsen  /
                   /  tisprut productions[tm]

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