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Frank Schafer frank.schafer at
Wed Oct 3 23:24:47 PDT 2001

Hi all,

I've tried to use LFS as I know it on "normal" GNU-Linux systems
(building - configuring - using) but howdy ...

Something seems to be VERY wrong with the glibc / gcc / kernel
combination (???).

How I built:
I used a Slackware-7.1 installation as the mother-system (one PC). I
took a naked host which I started using
floppy disks with a NFS enabled kernel and some nesessary tools for
login, NFS-connect, FS layout and so on.
I started the child-PC, set up the FS, exported / to the mother, built
all static linked tools on the mother system,
installed the results via NFS to the child.
Instead of the ``chroot'' I restarted the child having now all static
linked tools available.
The rest of all went due to the LFS-BOOK-3.0-pre3.
Compiling XFree4.0.1 made some problems, but went well at last.

How problems showed up:
I wasn't very glad to stick with twm, so I choosed to use AfterStep with
GNOME enabled. Compiling GNOME I
ran into trouble: During the build of libgtop I got an unresolved
external  error in libz atexit - unresolved external

Libz itself doesn't use atexit, and ``readelf -s'' showed
atexit global there.

What I've tried:
I think something went wrong with the glibc / gcc build (dynamic
The docs of glibc-2.2.3 say, that GNU uses gcc-2.95.3 to compile it.
That are the packages I used. The docs of
glibc-2.2.3 say further, that the include files of a 2.2.x kernel have
to be available. I built the LFS system from all
the beginning with kernel 2.4.6 ( the mother ran 2.2.16 ). So on the
child system had only the include files for a
2.4.x kernel available.
So I've extracted the 2.2.16 kernel and began ( on the LFS system ) to
compile the static linked tools onesmore.
How, ... nearly everything fails due to unresolved externals in libc.a.

Has anybody an idea, how to solve this?
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