Dont trust KDE's TAR I/OSlave

Giles Bathgate dt98gmb at
Wed Oct 3 18:19:58 PDT 2001

I was having loads of problems compiling GCC-2.95.3

I have now identified the problem was because I was unpacking my tar files 
using KDE's TAR I/O slave instead of the TAR program, And not all of the 
files were unpacked properly!

why was i using KDE? because I am lazy and prefer to use GUI. (sorry)

why does KDE's I/O slave not unpack all files properly? dunno --> needs 
further research (maybe someone inteligent can work out why and submit a bug 

So this is just so no one else makes the same mistake 
(you wouldn't anyway would you, You linux gurus out there)

Thats all

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