sysklogd and linux-2.4.10

Jesse McCrosky mccrosky at
Tue Oct 2 19:35:12 PDT 2001

Yah, it's 2.4.10 but from a different tree...  I am on a ppc, but it
seems unlikely that that's the problem.  It seems like gcc is
complaining about perfectly good syntax, I think I'll try a different
gcc, see if it helps.

Thanks for taking a look tho ;)

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 08:16:17PM -0600, Jesse McCrosky wrote:
> > Ok Here's the details.  A pretty basic 3.0 install: only differences I
> > can think of are linux-2.4.10 and the ncurses patch.  Here's the error:
> you sure it's a 2.4.10?
> your module.h is identical to a module.h from a 2.4.7 kernel, but there are
> some difference between yours and my 2.4.10 module.h, but nothing major I
> think. I've attached the diff. i found.
> not sure what it is, perhaps a ppc problem (you do run ppc or am i
> confusing your for somebody else)?
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> Gerard Beekmans
> -*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-
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