sysklogd and linux-2.4.10

Jesse McCrosky mccrosky at
Tue Oct 2 19:16:17 PDT 2001

Ok Here's the details.  A pretty basic 3.0 install: only differences I
can think of are linux-2.4.10 and the ncurses patch.  Here's the error:

gcc  -O3 -DSYSV -fomit-frame-pointer -Wall -fno-strength-reduce -DFSSTND
 -c ksym_mod.c
In file included from ksym_mod.c:96:
/usr/include/linux/module.h:62: parse error before `atomic_t'
/usr/include/linux/module.h:62: warning: no semicolon at end of struct
or union
/usr/include/linux/module.h:62: warning: no semicolon at end of struct
or union
/usr/include/linux/module.h:64: parse error before `}'
/usr/include/linux/module.h:64: warning: data definition has no type or
storage class
/usr/include/linux/module.h:93: parse error before `}'
ksym_mod.c:138: field `module' has incomplete type
ksym_mod.c: In function `AddModule':
ksym_mod.c:412: sizeof applied to an incomplete type
make: *** [ksym_mod.o] Error 1

Attached is my module.h file.  My CMPUT 201 level c-skills tell me it's
fine tho...  Maybe a problem with my gcc???


Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 03:40:06PM -0600, Jesse McCrosky wrote:
> > On my latest LFS system, I'm getting an error trying to compile
> > sysklogd.  Unfortunately I don't have access to the details right now
> > but I'll post them later if necessary.  Basically, some file in sysklogd
> > is including "/usr/include/linux/module.h" and gcc is complaining about
> > a parse error in that file.  I looked at the lines it was complaining
> > about and it looked fine to me.  Any ideas?
> that's a new one to me. It would help seeing some errors though.
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