problem moving files when installing LFS in one single partition mode

Simon Perry pezz at
Tue Oct 2 17:13:53 PDT 2001

>> I am doing it in one single partition. I have created my LFS filesystem
>> the file /tmp/lfs.disk as indicated in the hint :

FWIW, all I do to build LFS is simply to use a directory ($LFS = /lfs).

Once it is built, I then use a Mandrake bootdisk to boot up (there's a
trick to it, but it's easy), mount the partition and move the entire tree
to a backup dir, then move the lfs tree out to the root, run LILO with a
few choice args and you're away.

It's also good because the bootdisks from the Mandrake cooker (this was a
few months ago) support ReiserFS, so it allows me to have a full ReiserFS
system from scratch.

I might even go to the trouble of writing a hint if anyone is interested,
although the procedure is fairly straightforward.

I know this doesn't help much, but I thought I'd throw it in anyway.  :D

Simon Perry
Geelong, Australia
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