options in /etc/fstab about vfat filesystem

Fernando fernando at fernando.casa
Mon Oct 1 16:13:58 PDT 2001

> > I known smbfs filesystem supports that options, and, in my Mandrake
> > system, vfat also does. Have they, maybe, patched the kernel for the
> > vfat support?
> That is a possibility. Or, Mandrake's mount command has been patched so
> that it supports the fmask and dmask options. I'm not sure. Or, it's a
> special mount program that comes with the samba distribution. Perhaps you
> should download samba and see if they have a different mount program, or a
> patch for the mount program from the util-linux package.

I suppose there's no other way to make directories and files in the vfat 
partition have different permissions (I want all directories to have access 
permission, but I don't want all files to have execution permission). Is 

Thanks again.

Fernando Arbeiza
Cantabria, Spain

P.S. And sorry, again, for my bad english.
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