Need clarification on devfs

Matthias Benkmann matthias at
Fri Nov 30 14:53:40 PST 2001

On 30 Nov 2001, at 15:11, Todd Pytel wrote:

> Hiya-
> Just want to make sure I handle this correctly. I'm building an LFS
> system using Slack 8.0 as a host.  I want to try using devfs on the LFS
> system. The Slack host does not use devfs.  The devfs hint says that, for
> using devfs from scratch, you basically just skip the MAKEDEV step and the
> rest should go well.  Is this true even if the host system does not use
> devfs? I just installed Glibc - do I just continue as usual, and make sure
> to install a devfs-enabled kernel at the end?  Or does the host need devfs
> in order to get things properly installed when I'm chrooted?

Why don't you play safe and just use MAKEDEV for building. When the system 
is finished you can delete the device nodes from /dev and use devfs. There 
is no advantage in building without MAKEDEV, even if you intend to use 
devfs later.


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