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Brent Harding bharding at doorpi.net
Fri Nov 30 13:29:09 PST 2001

Yes, am I supposed to run it on the directory instead of the file? I did
mkisofs image | cdrecord speed=4 dev=0,0 -
That took track 1 from the mkisofs pipe. I would have to add in, -b
boot/bzImage -c boot/boot.catalog to make the thing bootable. I'd have no
kernel parameters then though. My burner wouldn't work, gotta use ide-scsi
on it, then it does.
At 04:17 PM 11/30/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but did you run mkisofs on an .img
>or on the / filesystem?
>On Fri, 30 Nov 2001, Brent Harding wrote:
>> I had to use a gig of space or so to get it all built. I used resize2fs to
>> make it down to 640000 blocks, leaving some space left. I want to burn to
>> CD, cdrw's are slow but both reader and writer in my machine will read
>> them. When I ran mkisofs image | cdrecord blank=fast speed=4 dev=0,0 - 
>> I just got a file named image on the disk. I want to boot the kernel on the
>> disk when I pop the CD in, which is in /boot/bzImage, but how do I turn the
>> ext2 image in to an iso CD image to burn? I happened to back up the disk
>> before erasing it by doing
>> dd if=/dev/cdrom1 of=image
>> It burnt back in tact by going
>> cdrecord blank=fast speed=4 dev=0,0 image
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