gcc is killing me

Matthias Benkmann matthias at winterdrache.de
Fri Nov 30 03:59:37 PST 2001

On 30 Nov 2001, at 4:20, Tim McGowan wrote:

> I've tried to compile gcc twice now. The first time i
> ended in a seg fault and now i can't even get past 
> "make BOOT_LDFLAGS=-static bootstrap"

Try it several times. Is the segfault always at the same place. If not, 
it's likely to be a hardware problem (bad RAM, broken CPU, etc.). If the 
problem is reproducible you have either optimized (==possibly broken) 
something or your host system's compiler is producing buggy code (possibly 
because it is optimized). In the latter case I would start by installing 
an unoptimized gcc on the host (without -static) if that works.


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