static build of SysVinit

Carsten P. Gehrke Carsten at
Wed Nov 28 23:02:44 PST 2001

Hello Gentle Readers,

Is it possible to build the SysVinit package without using shared 
libraries, i.e. statically?  I've looked in the Makefile and see a STATIC 
variable, but it is used only for the init program.  Should I try 
LDFLAGS?  If so, what value do I set it as?  The other packages built 
statically in Chap. 5 seem to use a -static flag, but the man page for ld 
indicates it should be -Bstatic.

Background:  I'm trying to build Linux from scratch on a development 
machine using a Pentium.  What I want is just enough of the system to get 
my target machine running dual Pentium Pros up.  Then I'll move the LFS 
sources to the target, and start over again.  The issues of cross-compiling 
(using an i586 for an i686 target) are not adequately addressed in the LFS 
book, so that's why I'm going this route.  I can see no point in trying to 
install a commercial distribution on the target only to obliterate it with 
LFS later.  My goal is a bootable boot + root floppy pair, with possibly a 
utilities disk for programs that don't fit on the root floppy.

I have already built all the programs in Chapter 5 on my development 
system, as well as a boot floppy which works.  All I need now are the 
programs for the root disk, primarily init, agetty, and login.

                             Carsten P. Gehrke
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