Trouble w/ sed in Fileutilis Install

Mark Hymers markh at
Tue Nov 27 15:01:54 PST 2001

On Tue, 27, Nov, 2001 at 05:39:31PM -0500, Casey Bralla spoke thus..
> I realize this is probably a stupid question {"There are not stupid 
> questions...  Only stupid people who ask them"} but here goes...
> Make bombs compiling fileutils, yielding error 1 and complaining about the 
> symbol "atexit".  I presume this is because SuSE 7.2 used a newer version of 
> glibc .  Therefore, I used tried the commands listed in the lfs book, namely:
> cp lib/ lib/ &&
> sed -e 's/\(.*\)\(fopen-safer\.c \)\\/\1\2atexit.c \\/' \
> 	-e 's/\(.*\)\(idcache\$U\.\$.*\)\\/\1\2atexit$U.$(OBJEXT) \\/' \
> 	lib/ > lib/ &&
> mv lib/ lib/
> Unfortunately, this bombs with the error "can't read -e: No such file or 
> directory"
Hmmm... Did you copy and paste the commands or type them by hand?  I
know they work if you copy and paste them so I'm tempted to suggest that
you may have made a typing error.  Perhaps if you try again with them it
may work.. In case it doesn't, I've attached a file to this email which
is the lib/ file with the sed already applied.  Just replace
the lib/ file in your fileutils source tree with the one I've
attached and you should be able to skip straight to the ./configure bit.

Hope this helps


PS - Actually, the sed only alters two lines (- = before sed, + = after):

-  exclude.c filemode.c fopen-safer.c atexit.c \
+  exclude.c filemode.c fopen-safer.c \


-hash$U.$(OBJEXT) human$U.$(OBJEXT) idcache$U.$(OBJEXT) atexit$U.$(OBJEXT) \
+hash$U.$(OBJEXT) human$U.$(OBJEXT) idcache$U.$(OBJEXT) \

Mark Hymers					 BLFS Editor
markh at
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# generated automatically by automake 1.4e from

# Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
# Free Software Foundation, Inc.
# This is free software; the Free Software Foundation
# gives unlimited permission to copy and/or distribute it,
# with or without modifications, as long as this notice is preserved.

# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law; without
# even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A


srcdir = @srcdir@
top_srcdir = @top_srcdir@
VPATH = @srcdir@
prefix = @prefix@
exec_prefix = @exec_prefix@

bindir = @bindir@
sbindir = @sbindir@
libexecdir = @libexecdir@
datadir = @datadir@
sysconfdir = @sysconfdir@
sharedstatedir = @sharedstatedir@
localstatedir = @localstatedir@
libdir = @libdir@
infodir = @infodir@
mandir = @mandir@
includedir = @includedir@
oldincludedir = /usr/include

pkgdatadir = $(datadir)/@PACKAGE@
pkglibdir = $(libdir)/@PACKAGE@
pkgincludedir = $(includedir)/@PACKAGE@

top_builddir = ..


transform = @program_transform_name@


host_alias = @host_alias@
host_triplet = @host@

CC = @CC@
U = @U@
_am_include = @_am_include@
install_sh = @install_sh@
l = @l@

AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS = ../src/ansi2knr

noinst_LIBRARIES = libfetish.a

INCLUDES = -I.. -I$(srcdir) -I../intl
DEFS = -DLIBDIR=\"$(libdir)\" @DEFS@

libfetish_a_SOURCES = \
  getdate.y posixtm.c addext.c argmatch.c backupfile.c basename.c \
  canon-host.c closeout.c diacrit.c dirname.c dup-safer.c \
  exclude.c filemode.c fopen-safer.c atexit.c \
  full-write.c getopt.c getopt1.c getstr.c getugroups.c hard-locale.c hash.c \
  human.c idcache.c isdir.c linebuffer.c localcharset.c long-options.c \
  makepath.c mbswidth.c md5.c memcasecmp.c memcoll.c modechange.c \
  path-concat.c physmem.c \
  quote.c quotearg.c readtokens.c safe-read.c same.c save-cwd.c \
  savedir.c sha.c stripslash.c unicodeio.c userspec.c version-etc.c xgetcwd.c \
  xgethostname.c xmalloc.c xstrdup.c xstrtod.c xstrtol.c xstrtoul.c \
  xstrtoumax.c yesno.c

libfetish_a_LIBADD = @LIBOBJS@ @ALLOCA@
libfetish_a_DEPENDENCIES = $(libfetish_a_LIBADD)

noinst_HEADERS = \
  argmatch.h backupfile.h bumpalloc.h closeout.h diacrit.h dirname.h error.h \
  exclude.h filemode.h fnmatch.h __fpending.h fsusage.h \
  getdate.h getline.h getopt.h \
  getstr.h getpagesize.h group-member.h hard-locale.h hash.h human.h lchown.h \
  linebuffer.h long-options.h mbswidth.h md5.h memcasecmp.h memcoll.h \
  makepath.h mbswidth.h modechange.h mountlist.h nanosleep.h obstack.h \
  path-concat.h pathmax.h physmem.h posixtm.h \
  quote.h quotearg.h readtokens.h \
  readutmp.h regex.h safe-read.h same.h save-cwd.h savedir.h sha.h \
  stdio-safer.h strverscmp.h unicodeio.h unistd-safer.h version-etc.h \
  xalloc.h xstrtod.h xstrtol.h

BUILT_SOURCES = getdate.c lstat.c stat.c
DISTCLEANFILES = lstat.c stat.c

EXTRA_DIST = config.charset ref-add.sin ref-del.sin

charset_alias = $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/charset.alias
charset_tmp = $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)/charset.tmp

SUFFIXES = .sed .sin

CLEANFILES = charset.alias ref-add.sed ref-del.sed
subdir = lib
mkinstalldirs = $(SHELL) $(top_srcdir)/mkinstalldirs
CONFIG_HEADER = $(top_builddir)/config.h

ANSI2KNR = ../src/ansi2knr
libfetish_a_AR = $(AR) cru
am_libfetish_a_OBJECTS = getdate$U.$(OBJEXT) posixtm$U.$(OBJEXT) \
addext$U.$(OBJEXT) argmatch$U.$(OBJEXT) backupfile$U.$(OBJEXT) \
basename$U.$(OBJEXT) canon-host$U.$(OBJEXT) closeout$U.$(OBJEXT) \
diacrit$U.$(OBJEXT) dirname$U.$(OBJEXT) dup-safer$U.$(OBJEXT) \
exclude$U.$(OBJEXT) filemode$U.$(OBJEXT) fopen-safer$U.$(OBJEXT) \
full-write$U.$(OBJEXT) getopt$U.$(OBJEXT) getopt1$U.$(OBJEXT) \
getstr$U.$(OBJEXT) getugroups$U.$(OBJEXT) hard-locale$U.$(OBJEXT) \
hash$U.$(OBJEXT) human$U.$(OBJEXT) idcache$U.$(OBJEXT) atexit$U.$(OBJEXT) \
isdir$U.$(OBJEXT) linebuffer$U.$(OBJEXT) localcharset$U.$(OBJEXT) \
long-options$U.$(OBJEXT) makepath$U.$(OBJEXT) mbswidth$U.$(OBJEXT) \
md5$U.$(OBJEXT) memcasecmp$U.$(OBJEXT) memcoll$U.$(OBJEXT) \
modechange$U.$(OBJEXT) path-concat$U.$(OBJEXT) physmem$U.$(OBJEXT) \
quote$U.$(OBJEXT) quotearg$U.$(OBJEXT) readtokens$U.$(OBJEXT) \
safe-read$U.$(OBJEXT) same$U.$(OBJEXT) save-cwd$U.$(OBJEXT) \
savedir$U.$(OBJEXT) sha$U.$(OBJEXT) stripslash$U.$(OBJEXT) \
unicodeio$U.$(OBJEXT) userspec$U.$(OBJEXT) version-etc$U.$(OBJEXT) \
xgetcwd$U.$(OBJEXT) xgethostname$U.$(OBJEXT) xmalloc$U.$(OBJEXT) \
xstrdup$U.$(OBJEXT) xstrtod$U.$(OBJEXT) xstrtol$U.$(OBJEXT) \
xstrtoul$U.$(OBJEXT) xstrtoumax$U.$(OBJEXT) yesno$U.$(OBJEXT)
libfetish_a_OBJECTS = $(am_libfetish_a_OBJECTS)
AR = ar
CCLD = $(CC)
DIST_SOURCES = $(libfetish_a_SOURCES)

depcomp = $(SHELL) $(top_srcdir)/depcomp
@AMDEP at DEP_FILES = $(DEPDIR)/__fpending.Po $(DEPDIR)/addext$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/alloca.Po $(DEPDIR)/argmatch$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/atexit.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/backupfile$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/basename$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/canon-host$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/chown.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/closeout$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/diacrit$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/dirname$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/dup-safer$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/dup2.Po $(DEPDIR)/error.Po $(DEPDIR)/euidaccess.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/exclude$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/fileblocks.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/filemode$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/fnmatch.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/fopen-safer$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/fsusage.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/ftruncate.Po $(DEPDIR)/full-write$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/getdate$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/getgroups.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/gethostname.Po $(DEPDIR)/getline.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/getloadavg.Po $(DEPDIR)/getopt$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/getopt1$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/getpass.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/getstr$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/getugroups$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/getusershell.Po $(DEPDIR)/group-member.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/hard-locale$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/hash$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/human$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/idcache$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/isdir$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/lchown.Po $(DEPDIR)/linebuffer$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/localcharset$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/long-options$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/lstat.Po $(DEPDIR)/makepath$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/malloc.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/mbswidth$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/md5$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/memcasecmp$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/memchr.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/memcmp.Po $(DEPDIR)/memcoll$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/memcpy.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/memmove.Po $(DEPDIR)/memrchr.Po $(DEPDIR)/memset.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/mkstemp.Po $(DEPDIR)/mktime.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/modechange$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/mountlist.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/nanosleep.Po $(DEPDIR)/obstack.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/path-concat$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/physmem$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/posixtm$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/putenv.Po $(DEPDIR)/quote$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/quotearg$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/readtokens$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/readutmp.Po $(DEPDIR)/realloc.Po $(DEPDIR)/regex.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/rename.Po $(DEPDIR)/rmdir.Po $(DEPDIR)/rpmatch.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/safe-read$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/same$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/save-cwd$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/savedir$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/sha$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/stat.Po $(DEPDIR)/stime.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/stpcpy.Po $(DEPDIR)/strcasecmp.Po $(DEPDIR)/strcspn.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/strdup.Po $(DEPDIR)/strftime.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/stripslash$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/strncasecmp.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/strndup.Po $(DEPDIR)/strnlen.Po $(DEPDIR)/strpbrk.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/strstr.Po $(DEPDIR)/strtod.Po $(DEPDIR)/strtol.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/strtoul.Po $(DEPDIR)/strtoull.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/strtoumax.Po $(DEPDIR)/strverscmp.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/tempname.Po $(DEPDIR)/unicodeio$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/userspec$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/utime.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/version-etc$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/xgetcwd$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/xgethostname$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/xmalloc$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/xstrdup$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/xstrtod$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/xstrtol$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/xstrtoul$U.Po \
@AMDEP@ $(DEPDIR)/xstrtoumax$U.Po $(DEPDIR)/yesno$U.Po
DIST_COMMON = README $(noinst_HEADERS) ChangeLog \
TODO __fpending.c alloca.c atexit.c chown.c dup2.c error.c error.h \
euidaccess.c fileblocks.c fnmatch.c fsusage.c ftruncate.c getdate.c \
getgroups.c gethostname.c getline.c getloadavg.c getpass.c \
getusershell.c group-member.c lchown.c malloc.c memchr.c memcmp.c \
memcpy.c memmove.c memrchr.c memset.c mkstemp.c mktime.c mountlist.c \
nanosleep.c obstack.c obstack.h putenv.c readutmp.c realloc.c regex.c \
rename.c rmdir.c rpmatch.c stime.c stpcpy.c strcasecmp.c strcspn.c \
strdup.c strftime.c strncasecmp.c strndup.c strnlen.c strpbrk.c \
strstr.c strtod.c strtol.c strtoul.c strtoull.c strtoumax.c \
strverscmp.c tempname.c utime.c

SOURCES = $(libfetish_a_SOURCES)
OBJECTS = $(am_libfetish_a_OBJECTS)

	$(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) all-am

.SUFFIXES: .sed .sin .c .o .obj .y

$(srcdir)/  $(top_srcdir)/ $(ACLOCAL_M4)
	cd $(top_srcdir) && \
	  $(AUTOMAKE) --gnits  lib/Makefile

Makefile: $(srcdir)/  $(top_builddir)/config.status
	cd $(top_builddir) && \
	  CONFIG_FILES=$(subdir)/$@ $(SHELL) ./config.status

	-test -z "$(noinst_LIBRARIES)" || rm -f $(noinst_LIBRARIES)

	-rm -f *.$(OBJEXT) core *.core

	-rm -f *.tab.c
../src/ansi2knr: ../src/ansi2knr.$(OBJEXT)
	cd ../src && $(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) ansi2knr

	cd ../src && $(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) ansi2knr.$(OBJEXT)

	-rm -f *_.c

libfetish.a: $(libfetish_a_OBJECTS) $(libfetish_a_DEPENDENCIES)
	-rm -f libfetish.a
	$(libfetish_a_AR) libfetish.a $(libfetish_a_OBJECTS) $(libfetish_a_LIBADD)
	$(RANLIB) libfetish.a
__fpending_.c: __fpending.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/__fpending.c; then echo $(srcdir)/__fpending.c; else echo __fpending.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > __fpending_.c
addext_.c: addext.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/addext.c; then echo $(srcdir)/addext.c; else echo addext.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > addext_.c
alloca_.c: alloca.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/alloca.c; then echo $(srcdir)/alloca.c; else echo alloca.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > alloca_.c
argmatch_.c: argmatch.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/argmatch.c; then echo $(srcdir)/argmatch.c; else echo argmatch.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > argmatch_.c
atexit_.c: atexit.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/atexit.c; then echo $(srcdir)/atexit.c; else echo atexit.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > atexit_.c
backupfile_.c: backupfile.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/backupfile.c; then echo $(srcdir)/backupfile.c; else echo backupfile.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > backupfile_.c
basename_.c: basename.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/basename.c; then echo $(srcdir)/basename.c; else echo basename.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > basename_.c
canon-host_.c: canon-host.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/canon-host.c; then echo $(srcdir)/canon-host.c; else echo canon-host.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > canon-host_.c
chown_.c: chown.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/chown.c; then echo $(srcdir)/chown.c; else echo chown.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > chown_.c
closeout_.c: closeout.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/closeout.c; then echo $(srcdir)/closeout.c; else echo closeout.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > closeout_.c
diacrit_.c: diacrit.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/diacrit.c; then echo $(srcdir)/diacrit.c; else echo diacrit.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > diacrit_.c
dirname_.c: dirname.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/dirname.c; then echo $(srcdir)/dirname.c; else echo dirname.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > dirname_.c
dup-safer_.c: dup-safer.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/dup-safer.c; then echo $(srcdir)/dup-safer.c; else echo dup-safer.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > dup-safer_.c
dup2_.c: dup2.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/dup2.c; then echo $(srcdir)/dup2.c; else echo dup2.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > dup2_.c
error_.c: error.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/error.c; then echo $(srcdir)/error.c; else echo error.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > error_.c
euidaccess_.c: euidaccess.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/euidaccess.c; then echo $(srcdir)/euidaccess.c; else echo euidaccess.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > euidaccess_.c
exclude_.c: exclude.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/exclude.c; then echo $(srcdir)/exclude.c; else echo exclude.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > exclude_.c
fileblocks_.c: fileblocks.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/fileblocks.c; then echo $(srcdir)/fileblocks.c; else echo fileblocks.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > fileblocks_.c
filemode_.c: filemode.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/filemode.c; then echo $(srcdir)/filemode.c; else echo filemode.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > filemode_.c
fnmatch_.c: fnmatch.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/fnmatch.c; then echo $(srcdir)/fnmatch.c; else echo fnmatch.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > fnmatch_.c
fopen-safer_.c: fopen-safer.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/fopen-safer.c; then echo $(srcdir)/fopen-safer.c; else echo fopen-safer.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > fopen-safer_.c
fsusage_.c: fsusage.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/fsusage.c; then echo $(srcdir)/fsusage.c; else echo fsusage.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > fsusage_.c
ftruncate_.c: ftruncate.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/ftruncate.c; then echo $(srcdir)/ftruncate.c; else echo ftruncate.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > ftruncate_.c
full-write_.c: full-write.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/full-write.c; then echo $(srcdir)/full-write.c; else echo full-write.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > full-write_.c
getdate_.c: getdate.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/getdate.c; then echo $(srcdir)/getdate.c; else echo getdate.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > getdate_.c
getgroups_.c: getgroups.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/getgroups.c; then echo $(srcdir)/getgroups.c; else echo getgroups.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > getgroups_.c
gethostname_.c: gethostname.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/gethostname.c; then echo $(srcdir)/gethostname.c; else echo gethostname.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > gethostname_.c
getline_.c: getline.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/getline.c; then echo $(srcdir)/getline.c; else echo getline.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > getline_.c
getloadavg_.c: getloadavg.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/getloadavg.c; then echo $(srcdir)/getloadavg.c; else echo getloadavg.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > getloadavg_.c
getopt_.c: getopt.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/getopt.c; then echo $(srcdir)/getopt.c; else echo getopt.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > getopt_.c
getopt1_.c: getopt1.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/getopt1.c; then echo $(srcdir)/getopt1.c; else echo getopt1.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > getopt1_.c
getpass_.c: getpass.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/getpass.c; then echo $(srcdir)/getpass.c; else echo getpass.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > getpass_.c
getstr_.c: getstr.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/getstr.c; then echo $(srcdir)/getstr.c; else echo getstr.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > getstr_.c
getugroups_.c: getugroups.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/getugroups.c; then echo $(srcdir)/getugroups.c; else echo getugroups.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > getugroups_.c
getusershell_.c: getusershell.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/getusershell.c; then echo $(srcdir)/getusershell.c; else echo getusershell.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > getusershell_.c
group-member_.c: group-member.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/group-member.c; then echo $(srcdir)/group-member.c; else echo group-member.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > group-member_.c
hard-locale_.c: hard-locale.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/hard-locale.c; then echo $(srcdir)/hard-locale.c; else echo hard-locale.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > hard-locale_.c
hash_.c: hash.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/hash.c; then echo $(srcdir)/hash.c; else echo hash.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > hash_.c
human_.c: human.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/human.c; then echo $(srcdir)/human.c; else echo human.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > human_.c
idcache_.c: idcache.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/idcache.c; then echo $(srcdir)/idcache.c; else echo idcache.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > idcache_.c
isdir_.c: isdir.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/isdir.c; then echo $(srcdir)/isdir.c; else echo isdir.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > isdir_.c
lchown_.c: lchown.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/lchown.c; then echo $(srcdir)/lchown.c; else echo lchown.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > lchown_.c
linebuffer_.c: linebuffer.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/linebuffer.c; then echo $(srcdir)/linebuffer.c; else echo linebuffer.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > linebuffer_.c
localcharset_.c: localcharset.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/localcharset.c; then echo $(srcdir)/localcharset.c; else echo localcharset.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > localcharset_.c
long-options_.c: long-options.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/long-options.c; then echo $(srcdir)/long-options.c; else echo long-options.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > long-options_.c
lstat_.c: lstat.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/lstat.c; then echo $(srcdir)/lstat.c; else echo lstat.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > lstat_.c
makepath_.c: makepath.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/makepath.c; then echo $(srcdir)/makepath.c; else echo makepath.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > makepath_.c
malloc_.c: malloc.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/malloc.c; then echo $(srcdir)/malloc.c; else echo malloc.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > malloc_.c
mbswidth_.c: mbswidth.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/mbswidth.c; then echo $(srcdir)/mbswidth.c; else echo mbswidth.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > mbswidth_.c
md5_.c: md5.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/md5.c; then echo $(srcdir)/md5.c; else echo md5.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > md5_.c
memcasecmp_.c: memcasecmp.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/memcasecmp.c; then echo $(srcdir)/memcasecmp.c; else echo memcasecmp.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > memcasecmp_.c
memchr_.c: memchr.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/memchr.c; then echo $(srcdir)/memchr.c; else echo memchr.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > memchr_.c
memcmp_.c: memcmp.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/memcmp.c; then echo $(srcdir)/memcmp.c; else echo memcmp.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > memcmp_.c
memcoll_.c: memcoll.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/memcoll.c; then echo $(srcdir)/memcoll.c; else echo memcoll.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > memcoll_.c
memcpy_.c: memcpy.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/memcpy.c; then echo $(srcdir)/memcpy.c; else echo memcpy.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > memcpy_.c
memmove_.c: memmove.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/memmove.c; then echo $(srcdir)/memmove.c; else echo memmove.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > memmove_.c
memrchr_.c: memrchr.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/memrchr.c; then echo $(srcdir)/memrchr.c; else echo memrchr.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > memrchr_.c
memset_.c: memset.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/memset.c; then echo $(srcdir)/memset.c; else echo memset.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > memset_.c
mkstemp_.c: mkstemp.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/mkstemp.c; then echo $(srcdir)/mkstemp.c; else echo mkstemp.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > mkstemp_.c
mktime_.c: mktime.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/mktime.c; then echo $(srcdir)/mktime.c; else echo mktime.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > mktime_.c
modechange_.c: modechange.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/modechange.c; then echo $(srcdir)/modechange.c; else echo modechange.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > modechange_.c
mountlist_.c: mountlist.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/mountlist.c; then echo $(srcdir)/mountlist.c; else echo mountlist.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > mountlist_.c
nanosleep_.c: nanosleep.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/nanosleep.c; then echo $(srcdir)/nanosleep.c; else echo nanosleep.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > nanosleep_.c
obstack_.c: obstack.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/obstack.c; then echo $(srcdir)/obstack.c; else echo obstack.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > obstack_.c
path-concat_.c: path-concat.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/path-concat.c; then echo $(srcdir)/path-concat.c; else echo path-concat.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > path-concat_.c
physmem_.c: physmem.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/physmem.c; then echo $(srcdir)/physmem.c; else echo physmem.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > physmem_.c
posixtm_.c: posixtm.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/posixtm.c; then echo $(srcdir)/posixtm.c; else echo posixtm.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > posixtm_.c
putenv_.c: putenv.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/putenv.c; then echo $(srcdir)/putenv.c; else echo putenv.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > putenv_.c
quote_.c: quote.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/quote.c; then echo $(srcdir)/quote.c; else echo quote.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > quote_.c
quotearg_.c: quotearg.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/quotearg.c; then echo $(srcdir)/quotearg.c; else echo quotearg.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > quotearg_.c
readtokens_.c: readtokens.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/readtokens.c; then echo $(srcdir)/readtokens.c; else echo readtokens.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > readtokens_.c
readutmp_.c: readutmp.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/readutmp.c; then echo $(srcdir)/readutmp.c; else echo readutmp.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > readutmp_.c
realloc_.c: realloc.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/realloc.c; then echo $(srcdir)/realloc.c; else echo realloc.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > realloc_.c
regex_.c: regex.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/regex.c; then echo $(srcdir)/regex.c; else echo regex.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > regex_.c
rename_.c: rename.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/rename.c; then echo $(srcdir)/rename.c; else echo rename.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > rename_.c
rmdir_.c: rmdir.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/rmdir.c; then echo $(srcdir)/rmdir.c; else echo rmdir.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > rmdir_.c
rpmatch_.c: rpmatch.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/rpmatch.c; then echo $(srcdir)/rpmatch.c; else echo rpmatch.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > rpmatch_.c
safe-read_.c: safe-read.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/safe-read.c; then echo $(srcdir)/safe-read.c; else echo safe-read.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > safe-read_.c
same_.c: same.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/same.c; then echo $(srcdir)/same.c; else echo same.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > same_.c
save-cwd_.c: save-cwd.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/save-cwd.c; then echo $(srcdir)/save-cwd.c; else echo save-cwd.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > save-cwd_.c
savedir_.c: savedir.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/savedir.c; then echo $(srcdir)/savedir.c; else echo savedir.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > savedir_.c
sha_.c: sha.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/sha.c; then echo $(srcdir)/sha.c; else echo sha.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > sha_.c
stat_.c: stat.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/stat.c; then echo $(srcdir)/stat.c; else echo stat.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > stat_.c
stime_.c: stime.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/stime.c; then echo $(srcdir)/stime.c; else echo stime.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > stime_.c
stpcpy_.c: stpcpy.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/stpcpy.c; then echo $(srcdir)/stpcpy.c; else echo stpcpy.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > stpcpy_.c
strcasecmp_.c: strcasecmp.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strcasecmp.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strcasecmp.c; else echo strcasecmp.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strcasecmp_.c
strcspn_.c: strcspn.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strcspn.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strcspn.c; else echo strcspn.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strcspn_.c
strdup_.c: strdup.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strdup.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strdup.c; else echo strdup.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strdup_.c
strftime_.c: strftime.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strftime.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strftime.c; else echo strftime.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strftime_.c
stripslash_.c: stripslash.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/stripslash.c; then echo $(srcdir)/stripslash.c; else echo stripslash.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > stripslash_.c
strncasecmp_.c: strncasecmp.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strncasecmp.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strncasecmp.c; else echo strncasecmp.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strncasecmp_.c
strndup_.c: strndup.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strndup.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strndup.c; else echo strndup.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strndup_.c
strnlen_.c: strnlen.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strnlen.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strnlen.c; else echo strnlen.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strnlen_.c
strpbrk_.c: strpbrk.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strpbrk.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strpbrk.c; else echo strpbrk.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strpbrk_.c
strstr_.c: strstr.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strstr.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strstr.c; else echo strstr.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strstr_.c
strtod_.c: strtod.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strtod.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strtod.c; else echo strtod.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strtod_.c
strtol_.c: strtol.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strtol.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strtol.c; else echo strtol.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strtol_.c
strtoul_.c: strtoul.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strtoul.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strtoul.c; else echo strtoul.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strtoul_.c
strtoull_.c: strtoull.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strtoull.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strtoull.c; else echo strtoull.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strtoull_.c
strtoumax_.c: strtoumax.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strtoumax.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strtoumax.c; else echo strtoumax.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strtoumax_.c
strverscmp_.c: strverscmp.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/strverscmp.c; then echo $(srcdir)/strverscmp.c; else echo strverscmp.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > strverscmp_.c
tempname_.c: tempname.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/tempname.c; then echo $(srcdir)/tempname.c; else echo tempname.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > tempname_.c
unicodeio_.c: unicodeio.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/unicodeio.c; then echo $(srcdir)/unicodeio.c; else echo unicodeio.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > unicodeio_.c
userspec_.c: userspec.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/userspec.c; then echo $(srcdir)/userspec.c; else echo userspec.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > userspec_.c
utime_.c: utime.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/utime.c; then echo $(srcdir)/utime.c; else echo utime.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > utime_.c
version-etc_.c: version-etc.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/version-etc.c; then echo $(srcdir)/version-etc.c; else echo version-etc.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > version-etc_.c
xgetcwd_.c: xgetcwd.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/xgetcwd.c; then echo $(srcdir)/xgetcwd.c; else echo xgetcwd.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > xgetcwd_.c
xgethostname_.c: xgethostname.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/xgethostname.c; then echo $(srcdir)/xgethostname.c; else echo xgethostname.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > xgethostname_.c
xmalloc_.c: xmalloc.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/xmalloc.c; then echo $(srcdir)/xmalloc.c; else echo xmalloc.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > xmalloc_.c
xstrdup_.c: xstrdup.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/xstrdup.c; then echo $(srcdir)/xstrdup.c; else echo xstrdup.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > xstrdup_.c
xstrtod_.c: xstrtod.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/xstrtod.c; then echo $(srcdir)/xstrtod.c; else echo xstrtod.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > xstrtod_.c
xstrtol_.c: xstrtol.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/xstrtol.c; then echo $(srcdir)/xstrtol.c; else echo xstrtol.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > xstrtol_.c
xstrtoul_.c: xstrtoul.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/xstrtoul.c; then echo $(srcdir)/xstrtoul.c; else echo xstrtoul.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > xstrtoul_.c
xstrtoumax_.c: xstrtoumax.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/xstrtoumax.c; then echo $(srcdir)/xstrtoumax.c; else echo xstrtoumax.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > xstrtoumax_.c
yesno_.c: yesno.c $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(CPP) $(DEFS) $(INCLUDES) $(AM_CPPFLAGS) $(CPPFLAGS) `if test -f $(srcdir)/yesno.c; then echo $(srcdir)/yesno.c; else echo yesno.c; fi` | sed 's/^# \([0-9]\)/#line \1/' | $(ANSI2KNR) > yesno_.c
__fpending_.$(OBJEXT) addext_.$(OBJEXT) alloca_.$(OBJEXT) \
argmatch_.$(OBJEXT) atexit_.$(OBJEXT) backupfile_.$(OBJEXT) \
basename_.$(OBJEXT) canon-host_.$(OBJEXT) chown_.$(OBJEXT) \
closeout_.$(OBJEXT) diacrit_.$(OBJEXT) dirname_.$(OBJEXT) \
dup-safer_.$(OBJEXT) dup2_.$(OBJEXT) error_.$(OBJEXT) \
euidaccess_.$(OBJEXT) exclude_.$(OBJEXT) fileblocks_.$(OBJEXT) \
filemode_.$(OBJEXT) fnmatch_.$(OBJEXT) fopen-safer_.$(OBJEXT) \
fsusage_.$(OBJEXT) ftruncate_.$(OBJEXT) full-write_.$(OBJEXT) \
getdate_.$(OBJEXT) getgroups_.$(OBJEXT) gethostname_.$(OBJEXT) \
getline_.$(OBJEXT) getloadavg_.$(OBJEXT) getopt_.$(OBJEXT) \
getopt1_.$(OBJEXT) getpass_.$(OBJEXT) getstr_.$(OBJEXT) \
getugroups_.$(OBJEXT) getusershell_.$(OBJEXT) group-member_.$(OBJEXT) \
hard-locale_.$(OBJEXT) hash_.$(OBJEXT) human_.$(OBJEXT) \
idcache_.$(OBJEXT) isdir_.$(OBJEXT) lchown_.$(OBJEXT) \
linebuffer_.$(OBJEXT) localcharset_.$(OBJEXT) long-options_.$(OBJEXT) \
lstat_.$(OBJEXT) makepath_.$(OBJEXT) malloc_.$(OBJEXT) \
mbswidth_.$(OBJEXT) md5_.$(OBJEXT) memcasecmp_.$(OBJEXT) \
memchr_.$(OBJEXT) memcmp_.$(OBJEXT) memcoll_.$(OBJEXT) \
memcpy_.$(OBJEXT) memmove_.$(OBJEXT) memrchr_.$(OBJEXT) \
memset_.$(OBJEXT) mkstemp_.$(OBJEXT) mktime_.$(OBJEXT) \
modechange_.$(OBJEXT) mountlist_.$(OBJEXT) nanosleep_.$(OBJEXT) \
obstack_.$(OBJEXT) path-concat_.$(OBJEXT) physmem_.$(OBJEXT) \
posixtm_.$(OBJEXT) putenv_.$(OBJEXT) quote_.$(OBJEXT) \
quotearg_.$(OBJEXT) readtokens_.$(OBJEXT) readutmp_.$(OBJEXT) \
realloc_.$(OBJEXT) regex_.$(OBJEXT) rename_.$(OBJEXT) rmdir_.$(OBJEXT) \
rpmatch_.$(OBJEXT) safe-read_.$(OBJEXT) same_.$(OBJEXT) \
save-cwd_.$(OBJEXT) savedir_.$(OBJEXT) sha_.$(OBJEXT) stat_.$(OBJEXT) \
stime_.$(OBJEXT) stpcpy_.$(OBJEXT) strcasecmp_.$(OBJEXT) \
strcspn_.$(OBJEXT) strdup_.$(OBJEXT) strftime_.$(OBJEXT) \
stripslash_.$(OBJEXT) strncasecmp_.$(OBJEXT) strndup_.$(OBJEXT) \
strnlen_.$(OBJEXT) strpbrk_.$(OBJEXT) strstr_.$(OBJEXT) \
strtod_.$(OBJEXT) strtol_.$(OBJEXT) strtoul_.$(OBJEXT) \
strtoull_.$(OBJEXT) strtoumax_.$(OBJEXT) strverscmp_.$(OBJEXT) \
tempname_.$(OBJEXT) unicodeio_.$(OBJEXT) userspec_.$(OBJEXT) \
utime_.$(OBJEXT) version-etc_.$(OBJEXT) xgetcwd_.$(OBJEXT) \
xgethostname_.$(OBJEXT) xmalloc_.$(OBJEXT) xstrdup_.$(OBJEXT) \
xstrtod_.$(OBJEXT) xstrtol_.$(OBJEXT) xstrtoul_.$(OBJEXT) \
xstrtoumax_.$(OBJEXT) yesno_.$(OBJEXT) : $(ANSI2KNR)
	$(YACC) $(AM_YFLAGS) $(YFLAGS) $< && mv $*.c
	if test -f; then \
	if cmp -s $*.h; then rm -f; else mv $*.h; fi; \
	else :; fi

tags: TAGS

	list='$(SOURCES) $(HEADERS) $(TAGS_FILES)'; \
	unique=`for i in $$list; do \
	    if test -f "$$i"; then echo $$i; else echo $(srcdir)/$$i; fi; \
	  done | \
	  $(AWK) '    { files[$$0] = 1; } \
	       END { for (i in files) print i; }'`; \
	mkid -fID $$unique $(LISP)

	tags=; \
	here=`pwd`; \
	list='$(SOURCES) $(HEADERS) $(TAGS_FILES)'; \
	unique=`for i in $$list; do \
	    if test -f "$$i"; then echo $$i; else echo $(srcdir)/$$i; fi; \
	  done | \
	  $(AWK) '    { files[$$0] = 1; } \
	       END { for (i in files) print i; }'`; \
	test -z "$(ETAGS_ARGS)$$unique$(LISP)$$tags" \
	  || etags $(ETAGS_ARGS) $$tags  $$unique $(LISP)

	here=`CDPATH=: && cd $(top_builddir) && pwd` \
	  && cd $(top_srcdir) \
	  && gtags -i $$here

	-rm -f TAGS ID

@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/__fpending.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/addext$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/alloca.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/argmatch$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/atexit.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/backupfile$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/basename$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/canon-host$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/chown.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/closeout$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/diacrit$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/dirname$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/dup-safer$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/dup2.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/error.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/euidaccess.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/exclude$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/fileblocks.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/filemode$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/fnmatch.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/fopen-safer$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/fsusage.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/ftruncate.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/full-write$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/getdate$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/getgroups.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/gethostname.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/getline.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/getloadavg.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/getopt$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/getopt1$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/getpass.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/getstr$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/getugroups$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/getusershell.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/group-member.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/hard-locale$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/hash$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/human$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/idcache$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/isdir$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/lchown.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/linebuffer$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/localcharset$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/long-options$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/lstat.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/makepath$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/malloc.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/mbswidth$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/md5$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/memcasecmp$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/memchr.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/memcmp.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/memcoll$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/memcpy.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/memmove.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/memrchr.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/memset.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/mkstemp.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/mktime.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/modechange$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/mountlist.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/nanosleep.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/obstack.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/path-concat$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/physmem$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/posixtm$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/putenv.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/quote$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/quotearg$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/readtokens$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/readutmp.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/realloc.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/regex.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/rename.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/rmdir.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/rpmatch.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/safe-read$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/same$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/save-cwd$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/savedir$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/sha$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/stat.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/stime.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/stpcpy.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strcasecmp.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strcspn.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strdup.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strftime.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/stripslash$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strncasecmp.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strndup.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strnlen.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strpbrk.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strstr.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strtod.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strtol.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strtoul.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strtoull.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strtoumax.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/strverscmp.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/tempname.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/unicodeio$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/userspec$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/utime.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/version-etc$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/xgetcwd$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/xgethostname$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/xmalloc$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/xstrdup$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/xstrtod$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/xstrtol$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/xstrtoul$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/xstrtoumax$U.Po
@AMDEP@@_am_include@ $(DEPDIR)/yesno$U.Po

	-rm -rf $(DEPDIR)


@AMDEP@	source='$<' object='$@' libtool=no @AMDEPBACKSLASH@
@AMDEP@	depfile='$(DEPDIR)/$*.Po' tmpdepfile='$(DEPDIR)/$*.TPo' @AMDEPBACKSLASH@
	$(COMPILE) -c -o $@ `test -f $< || echo '$(srcdir)/'`$<

@AMDEP@	source='$<' object='$@' libtool=no @AMDEPBACKSLASH@
@AMDEP@	depfile='$(DEPDIR)/$*.Po' tmpdepfile='$(DEPDIR)/$*.TPo' @AMDEPBACKSLASH@
	$(COMPILE) -c -o $@ `cygpath -w $<`


top_distdir = ..
distdir = $(top_distdir)/$(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION)

distdir: $(DISTFILES)
	@for file in $(DISTFILES); do \
	  d=$(srcdir); \
	  if test -d $$d/$$file; then \
	    cp -pR $$d/$$file $(distdir) \
	    || exit 1; \
	  else \
	    test -f $(distdir)/$$file \
	    || cp -p $$d/$$file $(distdir)/$$file \
	    || exit 1; \
	  fi; \
check-am: all-am
check: check-am
all-am: Makefile $(LIBRARIES) $(HEADERS) all-local


install: install-am
install-exec: install-exec-am
install-data: install-data-am
uninstall: uninstall-am

install-am: all-am
	@$(MAKE) $(AM_MAKEFLAGS) install-exec-am install-data-am

installcheck: installcheck-am



	-test -z "$(CLEANFILES)" || rm -f $(CLEANFILES)

	-rm -f Makefile $(CONFIG_CLEAN_FILES)
	-rm -f config.cache config.log stamp-h stamp-h[0-9]*
	-test -z "$(DISTCLEANFILES)" || rm -f $(DISTCLEANFILES)

	@echo "This command is intended for maintainers to use"
	@echo "it deletes files that may require special tools to rebuild."
	-rm -f
clean: clean-am

clean-am: clean-generic clean-noinstLIBRARIES mostlyclean-am

distclean: distclean-am

distclean-am: clean-am distclean-compile distclean-depend \
	distclean-generic distclean-tags






install-exec-am: install-exec-local




maintainer-clean: maintainer-clean-am

maintainer-clean-am: distclean-am maintainer-clean-generic

mostlyclean: mostlyclean-am

mostlyclean-am: mostlyclean-compile mostlyclean-generic mostlyclean-kr

uninstall-am: uninstall-local

.PHONY: all all-am all-local check check-am clean clean-generic \
	clean-noinstLIBRARIES distclean distclean-compile \
	distclean-depend distclean-generic distclean-tags distdir dvi \
	dvi-am info info-am install install-am install-data \
	install-data-am install-exec install-exec-am install-exec-local \
	install-info install-man install-strip installcheck \
	installcheck-am installdirs maintainer-clean \
	maintainer-clean-generic mostlyclean mostlyclean-compile \
	mostlyclean-generic mostlyclean-kr tags uninstall uninstall-am \

	sed \
	  -e '/@IGNORE@/d' \
	  -e 's/@xstat@/lstat/g' \
	  -e '/_LSTAT_ONLY@/d' \
	  -e '/@BEGIN_STAT_ONLY@/,/@END_STAT_ONLY@/d' \
	  $(srcdir)/ > $@-t
	mv $@-t $@

	sed \
	  -e '/@IGNORE@/d' \
	  -e 's/@xstat@/stat/g' \
	  -e '/_STAT_ONLY@/d' \
	  $(srcdir)/ > $@-t
	mv $@-t $@

# The following is needed in order to install a simple file in $(libdir)
# which is shared with other installed packages. We use a list of referencing
# packages so that "make uninstall" will remove the file if and only if it
# is not used by another installed package.
# On systems with glibc-2.1 or newer, the file is redundant, therefore we
# avoid installing it.

all-local: charset.alias ref-add.sed ref-del.sed lstat.c stat.c
install-exec-local: all-local
	$(mkinstalldirs) $(DESTDIR)$(libdir)
	if test -f $(charset_alias); then \
	  sed -f ref-add.sed $(charset_alias) > $(charset_tmp) ; \
	  $(INSTALL_DATA) $(charset_tmp) $(charset_alias) ; \
	  rm -f $(charset_tmp) ; \
	else \
	  if test @GLIBC21@ = no; then \
	    sed -f ref-add.sed charset.alias > $(charset_tmp) ; \
	    $(INSTALL_DATA) $(charset_tmp) $(charset_alias) ; \
	    rm -f $(charset_tmp) ; \
	  fi ; \

uninstall-local: all-local
	if test -f $(charset_alias); then \
	  sed -f ref-del.sed $(charset_alias) > $(charset_tmp); \
	  if grep '^# Packages using this file: $$' $(charset_tmp) \
	      > /dev/null; then \
	    rm -f $(charset_alias); \
	  else \
	    $(INSTALL_DATA) $(charset_tmp) $(charset_alias); \
	  fi; \
	  rm -f $(charset_tmp); \

charset.alias: config.charset
	$(SHELL) $(srcdir)/config.charset '@host@' > t-$@
	mv t-$@ $@
	sed -e '/^#/d' -e 's/@''PACKAGE''@/@PACKAGE@/g' $< > $@-t
	mv $@-t $@

# Tell versions [3.59,3.63) of GNU make to not export all variables.
# Otherwise a system limit (for SysV at least) may be exceeded.

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