first reboot woes

John Hogan jhogan2112 at
Tue Nov 27 12:48:39 PST 2001

>>additional strangeness to report... while i can boot to hdc1 via a 
>>generic suse cd (lfs seems to be working), it does not boot the new 
>>kernel (linux-2.4.11), rather, it reports that it's still using suse 
>>linux-2.2.10... i know this because it's failing to find modules for my 
>>network card (it's looking at 2.2.10)
>This is normal because when you boot to your root fs the kernel on the cd 
>(2.2.10 in that case) is already running. If you really need the network 
>card when you booted, just copy the module tree from the cd to 
>/lib/modules. But I'd only use the cd to do some repair if something went 

understandable... when the cd boots the machine, 2.2.10 is loaded, etc, etc...

what we're back to, then, is my first (and only, it seems) problem... when 
i boot to lfs (see previous emails for fstab and lilo configurations), it 
seems like as soon as the lfskernel is touched, the machine reboots...

any ideas other than configuration (that's already been checked, recompiled 
and rechecked)...


- hogan

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