silly me.... and a static tarball

isen isen at
Mon Nov 26 22:59:52 PST 2001

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Brent Harding wrote:

> Not really, you need all the compilers and the like to even compile them.
> It's what's called circular dependencies, but one weird thing. How did the
> first gcc ever used get built without a compiled copy? Maybe with another C
> compiler, but what built the first of those, and so on back to the first
> language ever used? Did people actually have the ability to edit raw
> executable code in a text editor of some kind to hack a good enough
> compiler together?

IIRC, you originally had to feed opcodes and data directly to the machine with toggles on the front panel (in binary), then came punchcards with machine 
instructions, then assembly language, then high-level languages like C. Not 
as if I were there though! I was born about the time of the IBM-PC :-)

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