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Mon Nov 26 18:21:42 PST 2001

Not really, you need all the compilers and the like to even compile them.
It's what's called circular dependencies, but one weird thing. How did the
first gcc ever used get built without a compiled copy? Maybe with another C
compiler, but what built the first of those, and so on back to the first
language ever used? Did people actually have the ability to edit raw
executable code in a text editor of some kind to hack a good enough
compiler together?
At 11:48 AM 11/27/01 +1300, you wrote:
>claiming to be Matthias Benkmann, <matthias at> said:
>>> BUT.... can't it still be done? can't any version of LFS be built from it?
>>> The version numbers in the static built isn't important as long as we've
>>> got a good working system to build the new one, or am i mistaken?
>>> So if a static build (let's assume a pentium I for the present ;))
>>> containing the dir stucture, a directory containing the entire static
>>> build, and without any sources, and without the kernel sources in
>>> usr/include, is made available, can't you just d/l it once, and then
>>> build LFS sstems from it for the forseeable future? It seems to me to
>>> be pretty generic, no LFS-version specific files included.
>> What exactly do you want to achieve? What's wrong with building chapter 5
>> yourself? Every LFSer should have done it at least once. Then he can burn
>> it on a CD and reuse it for further builds. I don't see the need to deal
>> out chapter 5 tarballs on the Web.
>I think what Thinus is trying to say is that ATM, you need to have some
>distro of linux already installed on your box so that you can build LFS.
>That's fine, unless you are actually installing from scratch, ie on a
>machine with nothing on it.
>Just a thought: would it be possible to make a boot floppy (which allowed
>you to load NIC modules, access CD-ROMs, etc so that Thinus' ``static
>tarball'' could be loaded onto the HD in the machine, and then make it
>bootable from the HD.
>Then, after rebooting, one could download the LFS packages (including source
>code and everything) and build their own system.
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