first reboot woes

John Hogan jhogan2112 at
Mon Nov 26 17:49:42 PST 2001

At 08:24 PM 11/26/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Look back at your kernel configuration and make sure your processor type
>is selected. One time I accidentally forgot to change my configuration
>from amd k6 to 386 while compiling for another box and the same
>symptonm(s) appeared.

thanx for the hint... that was my guess, as well... however, processor 
reports and was configured as i386... strange things happening... here's my 
non-chroot /etc/fstab file...

>/dev/hda2       swap                      swap            defaults   0   0
>/dev/hda3       /                         ext2            defaults   1   1
>/dev/hda1       /boot                     ext2            defaults   1   2
>/dev/hdc1       /mnt/lfs                  ext2            defaults   1   2
>/dev/hdb        /cdrom                    iso9660         ro,noauto,user 0   0
>/dev/fd0        /floppy                   auto            noauto,user 0   0
>none            /proc                     proc            defaults   0   0

from that, i made the following chroot fstab

>/dev/hdc1         /            ext2     defaults    0    1
>/dev/hda2         swap         swap     defaults    0    0
>proc              /proc        proc     defaults    0    0

and lilo.conf file...

>image = /boot/vmlinuz
>   root = /dev/hda1
>   label = linux
>   label=lfs
>   root=/dev/hdc1

additional strangeness to report... while i can boot to hdc1 via a generic 
suse cd (lfs seems to be working), it does not boot the new kernel 
(linux-2.4.11), rather, it reports that it's still using suse 
linux-2.2.10... i know this because it's failing to find modules for my 
network card (it's looking at 2.2.10)

maybe i need to re-read, or take a refresher course in keyboard operations :-)

thanx in advance...

- hogan

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