silly me.... and a static tarball

Matthias Benkmann matthias at
Mon Nov 26 10:08:47 PST 2001

On 26 Nov 2001, at 13:15, thinus pollard wrote:

> I did what i suggested and built the static system into a sepperate
> directory. Turns out to be approx 70Mb when it's all bzipped up
> without the sources....
> BUT.... can't it still be done? can't any version of LFS be built from it?
> The version numbers in the static built isn't important as long as we've
> got a good working system to build the new one, or am i mistaken?
> So if a static build (let's assume a pentium I for the present ;))
> containing the dir stucture, a directory containing the entire static
> build, and without any sources, and without the kernel sources in
> usr/include, is made available, can't you just d/l it once, and then
> build LFS sstems from it for the forseeable future? It seems to me to
> be pretty generic, no LFS-version specific files included.

What exactly do you want to achieve? What's wrong with building chapter 5 
yourself? Every LFSer should have done it at least once. Then he can burn 
it on a CD and reuse it for further builds. I don't see the need to deal 
out chapter 5 tarballs on the Web.


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