silly me.... and a static tarball

thinus pollard eumenides at
Mon Nov 26 03:15:36 PST 2001

I did what i suggested and built the static system into a sepperate
directory. Turns out to be approx 70Mb when it's all bzipped up
without the sources....

BUT.... can't it still be done? can't any version of LFS be built from
it? The version numbers in the static built isn't important as long as
we've got a good working system to build the new one, or am i

So if a static build (let's assume a pentium I for the present ;))
containing the dir stucture, a directory containing the entire static
build, and without any sources, and without the kernel sources in
usr/include, is made available, can't you just d/l it once, and then
build LFS sstems from it for the forseeable future? It seems to me to
be pretty generic, no LFS-version specific files included.

Just a thought
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