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Eric Anderson andersoe at email.arizona.edu
Fri Nov 23 14:18:21 PST 2001

After reviewing things, it appears the problem is definitly with genattr... I read the code for genattr, and that doesnt seem to be the problem, however the input file does appear to be an issue... It seems it does some checks over the type of processor being used. I have a CIII chip in my machine, which should be compatible with 686, mmx, and 3dnow, however may not be initially identified as any such chip, even linux just sees it as an i686... It seems possible that this is whats causing my problems with genattr, however I do now know. 

So my question to you guru's: Any idea how to trick the gcc compile to think I simply have another machine? or any other ideas or ways to fix this problem? Thanks.

On another note, it appears that this problem would support the theory that compilation on slackware and on debian would cause the same problem seeing as the identification of my chip is apparently an issue. Thanks in advance.


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