How do I make a bootable install CD of my LFS install?

Christos Michalislis ifpi at
Fri Nov 23 01:23:08 PST 2001


your hint looks promising :-)

There are some issues concerning the installation of LFS to a *clean* system
when booting from that CDROM:
- Dealing with /var, /tmp and /proc
- Inclusion of partitioning tools (fdisk/cfdisk and mk2fs)
- Inclusion of boot managers (LILO/GRUB) so we can install the boot sector
to the HD.
- Copying our LFS tree or LFS tarred tree to the new partition.

I'm currently very busy, forcing ppp2.4.1 to work in my LFS v3 (kernel
2.4.13). The pppd program insists that "a channel cannot be found" although
I have set up everything according to the PPP-HOWTO. I guess the kernel has
problems configuring my serial ports, so I'll try today the setserial

Anyway, my next step to extending LFS, will be an LFS boot CDROM, so I can
easily install it to my job or pass it to friends :-)

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