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Thu Nov 22 16:44:35 PST 2001

[22.11.01 15:58 +0100] Martin Neubauer <-- :
> I have a problem using top. When I start it while having the LANG variable 
> set (I use "de_DE") it gives "bad data in /proc/uptime" and "bad data in 
> /proc/loadavg" and exits. To make things worse, it messes up my console so 
> I have to do a reset to work properly. Does anyone know if this could be 
> avoided? Otherwise it would be time for me to send a bug report.

There was something about top, you might search the mailinglists.
For a quick fix you can use the command (or an alias)
LANG=C top
alternately to widen it to all LC_ values you can use
LC_ALL=C top

LANG is an older variable still used for some progs, here it must
be unset or - if you want keep it globally set, set it shortly to C -
to make it work, as it is no nls package. Normally those programs which
are nls programs make for themselves sure that those values are set
back, if they need to process data where nls values would mess the whole
thing up (and if the result is there, then present it with nls
translations on). 
But as said the procps is no nls package, so there is from the view of
the programmer no need to care about any nls values if the programmer
only thinks in C/POSIX. I don't know if you can really call this a bug,
nls is younger and just because it exists now, you can't force all
programmers to take possible interferences into account.
But this might be a different discussion subject.

Hope this helps for now.
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