rc boot up errors

Darrell Blake dazblake at btinternet.com
Thu Nov 22 11:59:10 PST 2001


I've built my LFS system and when I reboot into it I get a lot of errors
relating to "rc". All the errors come from files such as
"/etc/rcS.d/S100localnet" and "/etc/init.d/functions". Below I have
listed a few of the errors but the main thing that links them all is the

/etc/rcS.d/S100localnet: rcif: command not found

/etc/rcS.d/s100localnet: /etc/init.d/functions: line 24   ' rc# get the
console size (rows columns)'

Bringing up the loopback interface... modprobe: modprobe: can't locate
module net -pf -4

/etc/rcS.d/S100localnet: evaluate_retval: command not found

Setting up hostname... /etc/rcS.d/S100localnet: evaluate_retval: command
not found

I get these errors in differnet config files and different dirs so I
don't think its the S100localnet. My guess is "rc" whatever it is is
part of a file or program that I've not installed correctly.

Can anyone help me?


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