How do I make a bootable install CD of my LFS install?

Brent Harding bharding at
Thu Nov 22 10:47:33 PST 2001

I was wondering how I can get my lfs on a CD. I had to expand the file
system out to about a gig using some good old /dev/zero on my loopback
file. How do I get the file system down to CD size, so I can boot this way?
Does resizing the file system to the already used amount trim my image down?
At 08:52 AM 11/22/01 +0100, you wrote:
>On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 21:05:22 +0100, Snakebite wrote:
>> No, it is not simple.
>> I am trying to make one now but I am quite a newbie to linux myself.
>> Where the problem resides is the fact that you need the tools to compile
>> and adapt the LFS system like gcc make and the likes. All of which do
>> not fit well on a boot disk. I am going to try and make a boot
>> disk/utils disk and hope I can get what I need.
>>  From what I have seen, most people make a image of their LFS system and
>> then copy it to the new partition. Check the archive for references to
>> it.
>You can do it without using a Floppy boot image.  Look at
>for a bootloader designed for this.
>I have created a bootable CD containing LFS 3.0 (plus one or two other
>tools, like nALFS, emacs, an FTP client).   I built LFS 3.0 and the
>other software in a partition, added isolinux going by the instructions
>on the isolinux web page.  Now create the CD image with mkisofs, making
>sure you include the boot options mentioned on the isolinux page.
>Write that image to a CD, and you have a bootable CD with LFS on it,
>that can be used with nALFS or manually to install LFS on new computers.
>You could add the source packages to the CD as well.
>The main problem I have is that I need to manually specify the drive
>id of the cdrom drive as the root partition when booting linux
>(eg root=/dev/hdc), as this changes depending on how the drives are
>connected on the target computer.
>	Andrew
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