How do I make a bootable install CD of my LFS install?

Andrew McMurry andrew at
Wed Nov 21 23:52:41 PST 2001

On Wed, 21 Nov 2001 21:05:22 +0100, Snakebite wrote:

> No, it is not simple.
> I am trying to make one now but I am quite a newbie to linux myself.
> Where the problem resides is the fact that you need the tools to compile
> and adapt the LFS system like gcc make and the likes. All of which do
> not fit well on a boot disk. I am going to try and make a boot
> disk/utils disk and hope I can get what I need.
>  From what I have seen, most people make a image of their LFS system and
> then copy it to the new partition. Check the archive for references to
> it.

You can do it without using a Floppy boot image.  Look at
for a bootloader designed for this.

I have created a bootable CD containing LFS 3.0 (plus one or two other
tools, like nALFS, emacs, an FTP client).   I built LFS 3.0 and the
other software in a partition, added isolinux going by the instructions
on the isolinux web page.  Now create the CD image with mkisofs, making
sure you include the boot options mentioned on the isolinux page.

Write that image to a CD, and you have a bootable CD with LFS on it,
that can be used with nALFS or manually to install LFS on new computers.
You could add the source packages to the CD as well.

The main problem I have is that I need to manually specify the drive
id of the cdrom drive as the root partition when booting linux
(eg root=/dev/hdc), as this changes depending on how the drives are
connected on the target computer.

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