crt1.o not built - why?

Hinterleitner, Andreas Andreas.Hinterleitner at
Tue Nov 20 01:44:28 PST 2001

When I compile gcc 2.95.3 or 3.0.2 statically onto the LFS partition,
everything looks okay except that crt1.o and some other files in
$LFS/usr/lib (crti.o,...) are not installed.
In the log file of the make process (make bootstrap &> make.log), I cannot
find any ocurrence of crt1.o or the other missing files. I don't get error
messages, the compilation/installation process of the compiler runs
The consequence of this is that after chroot'ing to $LFS, any compilation
attempt (e.g.: cc -o a a.c where a.c consists of the single line:
main(){return(0);}) ends in an error message that ld could not find crt1.o.
What can be the reason that crt1.o is not built?

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