Installed everything, but boot problems

Benedikt Birkenbach B.Birkenbach at
Mon Nov 19 02:14:41 PST 2001

> The root device is specified in lilo.conf. Check if your lilo.conf is set
> up correctly and run /sbin/lilo again.

hi again...

Here is my /etc/lilo.conf (it is the one under Suse, not under LFS, but the
one under LFS looks the same)

#for using 256MB RAM
append="linux mem=256M"
#don't know what this means, its from suse

vga = normal

# Suse
image = /boot/vmlinuz
  root = /dev/hdb3
  label = linux

# Windows
other = /dev/hda1
  label = win
  table = /dev/hda

#LFS - Partition is hdb4
image = /boot/lfskernel
 label = lfs
 root = /dev/hdb4
#must i write this read-only, although it is set in the global section??


So, I think everything is ok, but it still does not work...
I ran /sbin/lilo.conf



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