gcc and -mcpu -march=athlon switch

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> >
> > LFS uses gcc-2.95.3, which doesn't have the m{cpu,arch}=athlon option.
> > you desperately want it, try installing gcc-3.02 (which is the latest
> > version AFAIK) alongside gcc-2.95.3. Many packages aren't compatible
> > the 3.x series yet, so YMMV. There's an lfs-hint which explains how to
> > this, look at www.hints.linuxfromscratch.org.
> > HTH
> Ok thanks. I think I'll stick with what I've got for now unless some one
> tell me how to get two versions of gcc to coexist easily.
> In the case of 2.95.3,would I be better choosing m{cpu,arch}=k6 or i686 .
> unsure which would be better and whether the athlon is fully compatible
> the pentiumpro optimizations. Most configure scripts seem to think I have
> i686.
> Where does the script get this information from.
Configure gets its information from uname, run it manually to see what it
does. You're better off with i686, K6 is i5686 compatible, while athlon is
i686 (pentium II/III) compatible. I just glanced over the hints but I can't
seem to find the hint I mentioned. You could try searching the mailinglists,
I'm pretty sure I saw instructions on how to let both gcc's live next to
each other float around here.
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