some minor fixes needed

Sam Halliday plendily at
Thu Nov 15 05:26:13 PST 2001


i have got a fantastically fast kde desktop working now and it seems my LFS 
setup days are almost over, its almost the way i want it, this project is an 
amazing thing.... but a few small questions which are annoying me, i was 
wondering if anyone could help;

1 - the delete key doesnt work, it sends a tilda ~ instead of an overtyping 
delete in the terminal (works ok in programs like vi)... does anyone know 
how to fix this... i tried ripping-ff mandrakes initscipt that did this but 
i can find the 'delete' keymap on my system which it loads.

2 - when i use the xterm, i lose all my bash profiles... does anyone know 
how i can get them back for x-sessions (this also happens in the terminal)

3 - fonts are apparently missing when im using programs which call 
ghostscript. some ps documents do not load in gv or appear blank in kde's 
viewer and gv throws a font error at me. i am looking into fixing this 
problem by checking how mandrake had this set up, but i thought id post it 
here in the meantime as the hints page dont have hints for the font setup.

4 - i was thinking of compling qt2 with opengl supported, i have GL, GLU and 
glut libraries installed. what difference will this make does anyone know.

5 - why are all the linux terminal fonts exactly the same except for mayb 
eone or two funky looking ones. and which font direcories can i safely 
delete from the X directory.

cheers again, i hope someone can help me
Sam, Ireland

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