Installed everything, but boot problems

Matthias Benkmann matthias at
Thu Nov 15 03:50:43 PST 2001

On 15 Nov 2001, at 12:08, Benedikt Birkenbach wrote:

> I have copied the file to /boot or $LFS/boot, and I wrote in my
> fstab under lfs
> $LFS/etc/fstab
> .....
> /dev/hdb1        /boot        ext2        defaults 1 2
> .....
> was this wrong, is this the reason why he doesnot find the

In any case is not important and does not prevent booting. Your 
real problem is

> MarcyLFS kernel: Warning: unable to open an initial console. Nov 15

This means that /dev/console or /dev/tty? (I don't know which) is missing. 
Somehow you managed to build an LFS system without devices. Maybe you want 
devfs and forgot to make the kernel mount it at boot time.

Another possibility is that you specified a wrong root device so that the 
kernel mounts the wrong partition as /.


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